GrailQuest Farms
Seguin, Texas

Annie - Polled
1st Generation MiniNubian Doe
1st Generation MiniNubian Doe
Coffee & Cream
Registered Nigerian Dwarf
Registered Nigerian Dwarf

Our MiniNubians began with Registered Nubian does being bred with Registered Nigerian Dwarf bucks, creating goats with the friendly personality of the Nigerians and the good-looks, increased milk output and ease of milking of the Nubians, all in a compact package that requires less feed and is easy to handle. We also have two 2nd Generation MiniNubian does, and one of them was put with one of our Nigerian Dwarf buck last year - she had quadruplets - 3 bucks and one doe. Of course we had to keep the doeling, Annie!

We believe we have produced the perfect small homestead animal in terms of temperament, milk production, ease of care and good looks.

pepper101413 twiggy101413 delta101413a dogwatching101413
Pepper - RIP
Nigerian Dwarf
 Twiggy Delta Too
Polled / Blue Eyes
Does are Dog Watching

2017 Kids


Pace Country Disco Blue
Blue Eyes
AGS Registered
100% Nigerian Dwarf
Born 03/18/11

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